19 May 2014

Los Cinco Sentidos - Vashon Island Nursery School

We have had a busy few months around here! (And yes, I realize I haven't posted in about two years.... I guess I should say "a busy few YEARS around here"!)

We are just finishing up the Los Cinco Sentidos (The Five Senses) unit!

My oh my, what a fun unit!

For the sense of SIGHT (La Vista)"Mira!/Look!"
 We made glow in the dark, glittery stars, experimented mixing black and white paint to discover gray scale, and made coffee filter flowers with water color paints and droppers. We also used our imagination to go camping in our dramatic play area! In our discovery center, we looked at kaleidoscopes, optical illusions, magnifying glasses and "View Masters" to experience 3D, plus we played and built with all kinds of different objects on our light table. It was a feast for the eyes!

Los ojos - eyes
Mira! - look!
La vista - sight
Ver  - To See
  Veo - I see
  Ves - You see
  Ve  - He/She/it sees
  Vemos -  We see
   Ven -  They see

For The Sense of SOUND (El Oido) "Escucha!/Listen!"
We played musical instruments, made our own maracas and kazoos, painted with cars, played with ramps and tunnels in the car and block center and sang and danced... A LOT! We got to listen to the sounds different levels of water in glass makes, and  we played sound games where the kids had to close their eyes and point in the direction the sound was coming from.

Las orejas -  ears
Escucha! -  listen!
Oye! - Hey!
Me oyes? - Do you hear me?
Escuchar - to listen
  Escucho - I listen
  Escuchas - you listen
  Escucha - he/she/it listens
  Escuchamos - we listen
  Escuchan - they listen

For the Sense of SMELL (El Olfato) "Huele!/Smell!"
We explored the different smells in the garden, and made pictures with herbs, we painted with tea bags, smelly paints and pens, played with play dough that smelled of lavender, lemon and mint, and tried to match same smells in different containers. Plus, we read a lot of funny books like "David Huele!", "Big, Smelly" Bear, and "The Skunk Dog"

El olor - the smell
"Que bien huele!" - It smells so good!
Oler - to smell
  Huelo  - I smell
  hueles - you smell
  huele - he/she/it smells
  olemos - we smell
  huelen - they smell

Huele a - It smells like...

For the Sense of Touch (El Tacto) "Toca!/Touch!"
We spent a lot of time playing in sensory bins! We played with water beads, a rice bin, cornstarch and shaving cream, and cloud dough (flour and baby oil). We also had balloons with different substances inside, and the kids had to match the ones that felt the same (not an easy task!). We also had a lot of different objects to explore on our discovery shelf, and we made textured play dough. : )

Sentir - to feel
Tocar - -to touch
soft - suave
smooth - liso
rough - √°spero
sharp - afilado
mojado - wet
seco - dry

For the Sense of Taste (El Gusto) "Taste it!/Pru√©balo!"
This was a fun one for our taste  buds! We made some sort of recipe every day for snack! We made smoothies, popsicles, hummus, fruit kebabs and we painted with jello in squirt bottles, then scraped it up and ate it! This was probably the favorite of all!

El sabor - the taste
un sorbo - a sip
spicy - picante
hot - quema/caliente
cold - frio
sweet - dulce
bland - soso
sour - amargo

All in all, the children had such a wonderful time, as did we, and we are excited to be starting our new unit next week - Plants and Gardening!  I have so many things planned, I can't wait!!!

Remember if you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me!

Sarah - sarahbunch77@gmail.com
            (206) 473-0445

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