Sarah Bunch, Lead Teacher, Director

 I am a Vashon native who took off for about 15 years to explore, learn a language, have babies and finally figure out, "there´s no place like home."  My background is in education. I have been teaching for the past 11 years as either a kindergarten teacher at an international school, or an English teacher for various ages, and most recently as a preschool teacher, but I found the most rewarding and challenging teacher to be that of a parent.

Teaching is different once you become a parent. Before that, you don't realize that EVERYTHING matters. Every little cry matters. Every emotion. Every laugh. The food they eat. The amount of time they spend moving their bodies. Even things that really don't matter in the long run, REALLY MATTER! It is all SO important. And you finally know exactly what you want for your own kids. I immediately knew I wanted my children to grow up speaking two languages. I wanted them to be kind. To be considerate, and helpful. To be creative and responsible, and to be CURIOUS! Oh to be curious! We can breath a sigh of relief if we manage to raise curious children, for we know that they will always have a strong desire to LEARN!! And it is my belief, that learning is what life is all about.

Once I became a parent,  I really began to study childhood development and learn about the stages of development. I began picking up every book I could get my hands on about different educational philosophies, like those of Rudolph Steiner from the very inspiring Waldorf education, as well as Maria Montessori's. Plus I had my own little guinea pigs to try it all out on! ; ) I have designed the curriculum at El Gato con Botas to be a mixture of philosophies that I have studied along the way, and I believe it will nourish the whole child as well as foster a love of learning.

I created this school, because it is what I wanted for my own children. If it sounds similar to your educational and child-rearing philosophy, give me a jingle! I would love to chat with you!


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