Daily Routine

Routine is very important to small children, so we try to offer them the stability of a daily routine to lessen the stress of being away from home, and give them a sense of peace, so they can concentrate on the big duties in school like learning how to be a friend and mixing paint to discover new colors.

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Daily Routine

9:00- 9:30 - Greetings and Free PLAY! - Mornings are spent with elective play center time, where children can visit the various learning centers around the room, and let their interests guide them into learning.  An organized activity may also be offered at this time, but is optional.

9:30-10:00 -  Gym time! - We take some time to let out some of that energy and run around in our gross motor room, fully equipped with three indoor swings, a ball pit, balls of all sizes and various other indoor play equipment.

10:15 - Snack time
A healthy snack is provided each day that includes a protein, grain and fruit or vegetable.

10:30 -  Circle Time
We typically have circle time at this time(depending on energy levels and weather). We sing, dance, move, do fingerplays, and talk chat with each other and our various puppet friends.

11:00-12:00 - Outdoor Play Time!! (often extended, depending on interest and weather)
We have a climber with a swingset, various slides, a waterplay area, a very large sandbox and an art table that we use on a daily basis. Plus a garden, a forested area, and a great big yard with lots of balls, and other outdoor play equipment. When weather permits, we take advantage and get wet with water play! (Make sure you send your child with extra clothes that can stay the school. We typically get pretty dirty!!)

12:00 - Lunch - Children bring lunches to school

12:30 - 12:50 - Clean up/ Naptime Set up/ Free Quiet Play

12:50-1:00 - Storytime

1:00- 3:00/30  - Naptime

3:00 - Afternoon Snack (also provided)

3:15 -4:00 - Free Play and Goodbyes (either indoors or outdoors)

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