Philosophy at El Gato

El Gato Playschool is a nursery school where children spend their day in a loving, play-filled environment.

We believe that children learn and feel their best when they are loved and nurtured. We try to create an inviting, home-like atmosphere at El Gato Playschool where children learn about kindness and respect through interacting with each other and their natural surroundings. We emphasize a compassion for all living beings and try to include those teachings into our daily activities. Feelings and self-expression are an essential part of social development at this age, and we do our best to use all opportunities to teach real-life lessons through conflict resolution and the feelings that are being expressed every day right here at school.

We also believe in exposing children to a variety of new experiences and activities so they can make their own discoveries. We encourage children to make their own choices and do things for themselves with our gentle guidance to assist if needed. A lot of independence is beginning to emerge in the toddler and preschool years and we welcome these changes! We do not rush through the day, doing things for the children so we can stay on schedule. Learning the skills toward independence is what these years are for! We let the children’s interest guide their learning while we assist and offer information when needed.

Lastly, we want children to become citizens of the world and to understand that the world is full of differences and that is what makes us all unique and beautiful.

Welcome to El Gato Playschool!! We hope you will love the journey as much as we do!

Sarah Bunch
Lead Teacher.

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